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Review of Titan Comics Odyssey



I got the pleasure of reviewing Odyssey from Titan Comics. Odyssey was created by Dave Elliot, who is known for his works such as Weirding Willows, Sharky, and Monster Massacre. The art is by Garrie Gastonny, who is known for Supergod, Caliber, and The Vault, and Tony Cypress, who is known for The Tourist, Killing Girl, Rodd Racer, and Kursk.

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The description of this comic book was way off me. It is described as "pulse pounding epic shows what is takes to be a super soldier on the front lines of a was between cosmic forces." at no point was my pulse pounding, it was more like my head pounding from being confused. John Wilson died in 1942 after some doctors do this "super solider" thing to him. Sounds a lot like a certain Avenger to me. After coming back to life with super strength and the ability to never age he starts working for the government. I'm sorry, but I just fill this is a rip off of Marvel's Captain America. The guy gets experimented on during World War II and ends up with super powers and becomes a super soldier. He even wears a red, white, and blue suit with a big star on the front of it. I believe this is one of the main things that throw me off at the very beginning.

Not only am I being thrown off by the fact that his dude looks and has just about the same back story as Captain America, the story is just so slow and drags out forever. Even when there is some action is dies out very quickly. The most action we got was when Blazing Glory, yeah that's his super hero name, finds a blue, glowing vampire. It's just a few pages and then we never hear about this vampire guy again. Then there's a fight with another super hero who is controlled by the government. His name is Sharky and he's mom is a whore and he is being told to kill Blazing Glory. That whole fight ends with Blazing Glory asking Sharky is he's mom still slept around.

This story is all over the place and I found myself lost way more than once. It's like there is a lot going on all at once and still no action worth reading. Have you read this book? If so let me know what you thought about it.