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Review of the StaySharp Commuter Cuff for bike riders

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Exposed Seam 'StaySharp Commuter Cuff'


Are you an avid bike rider who needs an elegant solution for pant legs that get caught or soiled by your bike chain? Boston based company Exposed Seam created the StaySharp Commuter Cuff to solve this need for who commute on bicycles. No longer necessary are rubber bands, rolled up pants, grease on clothing, or shoe laces caught in chains. StaySharp’s unique shape keeps pants clean and helps keep laces away from your gears and chain – plus riders won’t look like they are digging for clams.

I received a sample bike cuff to test out at home. While I am not a commuter, I can see how this cuff can make it easier to get dressed for work and arrive in a presentable state. When my kids ask me to go bike riding, I often have to go change into biking pants first. With the bike cuff, which I now keep in a drawer by my front door, all I have to do is slip this cuff on and I am ready to go. I selected black, which blends in well with most dark colored pants. The velcro closure attaches easily and comfortably, and stays closed until I wish to take it off. The bike cuff sits gently on my ankle, so I barely know it is there. My laces stay secure, and my right pant leg is neither wrinkled nor soiled. On the other hand, my uncuffed left leg tends to get soiled, so I would recommend getting the cuff for both legs.

Exposed Seam’s patent pending cuffs are made in the USA, out of Cordura® fabric produced in the USA. They are designed for the right leg, but can be worn on both sides, and its reflective trim on the back seam helps riders stay safe. One size fits most. Cuffs are available in black, khaki, denim (blue), slate (blue), and alert (red). Exposed Seam ships its StaySharp Commuter Cuffs from Boston to anywhere in the world. They are available in a variety of stores in the US, Canada, and Australia and online at, Amazon, Square marketplace, and Etsy. You can order directly from the website, at the price of one for $15 (plus shipping) or email the company for wholesale prices.

About the Inventors:

Jonathan and Jenifer Stark began Exposed Seam out of a mutual love of cycling and style. Jonathan, who has commuted all over Boston by bike for many years, engaged Jenifer's MassArt fashion design skills to solve his constant problem of ruined shoelaces and pants. Sympathetic to her husband's plight, the StaySharp Commuter Cuff was born. The first production run was made right in the couple's live/work studio at the 300 Summer St. Artist's Building, and they have since grown their business to enlist the help of a local manufacturing facility in Fall River, MA. Jonathan and Jen are committed to keeping their cuffs made in the USA. Jonathan's background in video development and marketing coupled with Jenifer's web design and e-commerce skills have also helped make Exposed Seam a home grown venture. They hope to continue to reach new cyclists each year and spread the word that doing what's good for your body and the planet never means having to sacrifice your style.

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