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Review of the ridiculous rabbit film, 'Night of the Lepus'

'Night of the Lepus' movie poster

Night of the Lepus


There have been giant spider, ants, lizards, apes, and so on in cinema, but when you use rabbits, well that is a different story. "Tarantula" may be a b-rated flick, but at least it's a little chilling, especially since spiders for some are terrifying. "Night of the Lepus," is only scary if you're an animal activist, and are appalled on what happens to the rabbits in the movie.

Basically a town is ridden with rabbits, so people use force and science to get ride of the furry animals. Well like any movie that tells us, science can go wrong, and it does. Giant rabbits inhabit the town and they want to eat people! Like seriously, this movie doesn't skip out on the blood, though it's still hilarious.

Star Trek fans will notice that DeForest Kelley was in the movie, as was Janet Leigh, and Rory Calhoun. The actors and the plot is suppose to be serious, but the attacks are too funny. You can't take the movie serious even when you're seeing all the carnage. Rabbits aren't exactly a terrifying creature, and it doesn't matter what they tried to do in the movie.

There are scenes where the rabbits attack horses, cows, and well of course people. They hunger for flesh! I know it sounds ridiculous, and you're right it is. Trying to be serious, but felt more like a comedy. I laughed out loud a bunch of times while watching. You kind of know what you're getting yourself into, it's like watching "The Attack of the Killer Shrews" or something.

I've seen b-movies before and this one takes the cake was the weirdest one. Funny that it came out of MGM studios. What we learn from the movie is even the cutest and fluffiest animals can be dangerous. Though if I was one of the cast members or if this really happened in real life I would have died laughing, before the rabbits got me. Sorry kids the Easter Bunny has turned rabid this year!

The sad thing is I would probably watch this terrible movie again. There is some charm. Since it made me laugh and kill an hour and thirty-two minutes, I'll give it 2 stars. It's still better than some horror flicks I've seen, and that's pretty sad...

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