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Review of the new Travel channel show, 'Castles Secrets and Legends.'

Castles Secrets and Legends


"Castle Secrets and Legends," a new show on the Travel channel takes a closer and darker look at massive abodes like castles, mansions, manors, and so on. The first episode looked at the 'real Frankenstein, a miser woman in the New England area, a mummy's curse, the Man in the Iron Mask, and ESP and secret agents.

One castle in particular it talks about in the first episode is Highclere Castle. The same castle that is used for filming of the hit show, "Downton Abbey." It's a castle that is actually filled with some Ancient Egypt artifacts and a mummy's curse! Believe it or not...

It's perfect for those who like history that is outside of the box. It's also perfect for those who like paranormal and history subjects. Just in this first episode they talk about ESP and the secret agency that wanted to use it for agents and about the real man behind Frankenstein's Castle. It was quite interesting.

"Castles Secrets and Legends," shows the darker side of high living and tales behind these massive places. It teaches the viewer something historically while also astonishing the watcher with the dark overtones. Each weird snippet about these places will make the viewer research more about the places. It holds the interest.

A show for the real curious people out there who love castles and other large abodes that have a good mystery behind them. It's like "Mysteries at the Museum," except castles!

So overall this 'scandalous' show has promise and hopefully they keep it long enough to answers most of the questions behind our world castles and other strange places around the world.

The show airs on the Travel Channel on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST.