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Review of the Fresno Sugar Pine Trail and the Old Town Trail

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Fresno Sugar Pine Trail and Clovis Old Town Trail


The Fresno Old Town Trail and the Fresno Sugar Pine trails are amazing ways to travel from Fresno to Clovis and enjoys views and parks in both Fresno and Clovis. The trail can be started from any one of several parking lots in Fresno and Clovis. This is a 13 mile trail. it goes from River Park to Dakota. It connects the Woodward Park area to Old Town Clovis and southern Clovis. It is a great way to get some exercise and travel. It is paved for the majority of the way which is great. It also has restrooms and drinking fountains along the way which is great. The majority of the way it is two lanes which adds to the safety. Additionally there are emergency phones located at multiple places along the trail which is amazing. Those are all the pluses.

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There are some negatives. One is that there are several tunnels which are dark even during the day. There are also blind curves. This could prove a bit scary if you are jogging along in terms of safety. Additionally the majority of the trail has no shade which is challenging. It can get extraordinarily hot at times. There are also sections where you have to cross busy busy streets which can be frustrating. Additionally there are areas that are not well marked because you have the trail stop on one side of a parking lot and start on the other side. Fre