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Review of the Fresno Lewis S Eaton Trail

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Review of Lewis S Eaton Trail


Driving from downtown Fresno to the Lewis S Eaton is fairly easy. The six mile trail is located in Fresno on Old Friant Road near Highway 41. This Fresno trail has many benefits. The main benefit of the Fresno trail is the versatility. It is great for bicycling, horse back riding, jogging, walking, and more. There are many rest rooms and driving fountains along this Fresno trail. The Fresno trail also provides many opportunities to see deer and rabbits along the way. The Fresno trail also has some play areas adjacent to the trail which is amazing. The other amazing thing is that you can park on the street and walk to the trail and never pay any fee.

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The negative part of this Fresno trail is that if you do drive to the parking area they do charge for parking. Additionally they have concerts here. if you try to get in and out around the time of the concerts it can get very very very difficult for people. Additionally there is very little shade on this Fresno which makes it very hot in the summer. Additionally there is a very busy street by the trail so you will be subject to some air pollution along the way. This can be a bit harmful to your health if you are doing strenuous exercise. However some of the pollution is mitigated by filtration from adjacent vegetation. Another negative or positive depending on your opinion is that there are many hills.