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Review of the early slasher film, 'Savage Weekend' (1976)

Poster of 'Savage Weekend'

Savage Weekend


"Savage Weekend," is considered an early slasher film entry. The film was first released in 1976, then was released in 1979 by Cannon Films. It has all the slasher themes, a weekend gathering, a masked killer, weird townsfolk, sex, and violence.

The film was directed by David Paulsen, and it starred Christopher Allport, Jim Doerr, David Gale, Caitlin O'Heaney, Marilyn Hamlin, and a very young Yancy Butler.

Basically a group of friends decide to go out to the country for the weekend. Well they start getting picked off by this killer in a ghoulish mask. Will say the movie is a little slow, it uses more nudity than gore, and it's kind of strange movie. If it wasn't for the ending I would have given this movie like 2 stars, but how the movie ended it deserve a modest 3 stars.

The movie is no where near perfect and the best actors in the movie go to Christopher Allport. His character Nicky was delightfully fun, as was Catlin O'Heaney character's Marie. Hamlin's character wasn't too bad either, she was a strange one though! That's one thing with the movie it gave some kind of supernatural vibe, definitely could see how Gothic fiction was an inspiration in the movie, and for her character. Which makes sense, because during the 60s and early 70s those kind of movies were popular. The way she gets these weird visions and her outfits.

Really the movie is only good to watch in you would like to see an early slasher movie. At first the movie feels quite revolting, but it somehow feels 'smart' (saying that lightly) because of it's twists. The pacing is what kills it and it could have left out some scenes that were a little awkward.

So "Savage Weekend," is a sub-par 70s slasher film. What saves it is the reveal on who the killer is, other than that it's pretty predictable.

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