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Review of the 1988 remake of "The Blob"

A scene from "The Blob."
A scene from "The Blob."
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The Blob (1988)


The remake of "The Blob" is actually quite a lot better than expected. The 1988 movie was directed by Chuck Russell and the movie starred Shawnee Smith, Kevin Dillon, Candy Clark, Donovan Leitch, and Del Close. It's about what exactly the title tells us, a blob attacks a small town, and it's up to the local teens (well two of them) to save the town.

This version has the same feeling as the original (which is a masterpiece), but it adds more gore to what the blob can do to the townspeople. The 1988 version of "The Blob," did add a little more dimension to how the blob came to be, and added a little government conspiracy to the plot. That when they added it, made it more terrifying. The government is suppose to help you, but what this movie tells us is that they aren't, they care more about warfare.

It's interesting to note for those who have seen a lot of teen horror films from the 80s, this movie actually used less sex and no nudity in the movie, it seemed like they decided to concentrate more on the blob and the townspeople's panic. They swapped that for a little more gore. The blob was like a bad fleshing-eating disease and the scenes of how it destroyed people were churning. Though that doesn't override the movie, as another brainless movie, they didn't use gore to just throw a movie together.

The theater scene like the original is terrifying, though this one is a lot scarier because it's inside a theater, not the original that used an outside one. Other scenes that keep with you are the hospital scene, the sewer one, and what happens to the 'boyfriend.'

Shawnee Smith, the main actress of the movie was excellent. How they wrote her character was a little more refreshing. than the usual 80s horror girl in some movies. Kevin Dillon was a tad cliche as the bad boy of the town, but nevertheless was entertaining. From what screen-time Candy Clark had her character was quite likable. Del Close played a reverend that thought himself almost like God himself. The rest of the cast was blended in, those four were really the only ones who stuck out.

While the original is better because of how unique it was during it time, the remake is quite entertaining. Like stated before it was a lot better than unexpected. It used the original, but still made its own, and that's what worked for the movie. It had that suspense just like the first one.

So if you're feeling up to watch an updated version of "The Blob," surprising this 1988 movie isn't half bad. It's not a five star like the original, but it's close it's a four star movie. It may have flaws, but it's highly entertaining.