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Review of the 1983 Bresson drama 'L'Argent'

Poster of "L'Argent"



"L'Argent" is Robert Bresson's last film he made. A French director known for his movies like "Trial of Joan of Arc," "A Man Escaped," "Pickpocket," and several others under his name. He is a director that is still looked at as one of the greatest French directors.

Interesting to note, at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival, he received the Director's Price for the film (tied with Takovsky) and this film won him the Best Director that the 1984 National Society of Film Critics.

"L'Argent" starred Christian Patey, Béatrice Tabourin, and Didier Baussy. The movie is about what happens to a young man after he gets a counterfeit bill, all starts an odyssey of crime and violence.

Yvon (Christian Patey) is one of the characters, who gets caught up with the counterfeit bill, bad things start to happen, and thus he loses his once innocence. The story is interesting and chilling.

It's a good film, my only problem with it is, I didn't care much of the ending and what Yvon does. Obviously this is a film of what happens to someone who is pushed too far, or you could see this way, did Yvon always have these feelings harbored in him? He isn't the only criminal in the film and gets wronged more than once by society, but with all that he turns in a complete monster. It's not an easy movie to watch at times. It's almost unsettling of what happens to Yvon and what he does...

Overall it's a good picture that makes you think and keeps a little impression on you. A good film about fate and being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Patey's performance is top-notch and the whole film is an interesting look at social commentary and the rights and wrongs of others.

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