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Review of the 1971 Dan Curtis film, 'Night of Dark Shadows'

The poster of 'Night of Dark Shadows'

Night of Dark Shadows


"Night of Dark Shadows," is part of the "Dark Shadows" franchise. To be honest it doesn't stand up against "House of Dark Shadows," but it could have been a lot worse.

The pros of this movie is it is a creepy little movie. A movie filled with ghosts and possession. Quentin Collins and his wife Tracey Collins decide to move to Collinwood, there Quentin is possessed by his ancestor, Charles Collins, who had an affair with Angelique (his brother's wife). Anyway things don't turn out for either of the lovers, so naturally they are angry spirits.

David Selby of course is Quentin, Kate Jackson played his wife, John Karlen is in it but no he isn't Willie, but moves up in the world as Alex Jenkins a novelist friend, as is Nancy Barrett (remember she was Carolyn on the show) is his wife. Carlotta, the deranged housekeeper was played by another Dark Shadows favorite, Grayson Hall. Lara Parker reprises her role as Angelique.

There is no Johnathan Frid, so that means no Barnabas. That can be a little downer, but Selby is good, his character not that much. (In the TV series he is a werewolf, not so much in this movie).

Just the plot seems like it's missing something. I wouldn't say this is a memorable movie and it's pretty standard once again a witch is ruining the love life of one of the Collins boys.

The movie doesn't lack in scenes that disturb, more than once Quentin is going to kill his wife. I think the first time she noticed his changed, she should have left to a different city. His friends, try to intervene, but the dead don't like that. While it does that those scenes, the movie can be a little boring too. The development is missing!

The ending is shocking to a point, but then again you could call it lazy, like they didn't know how they wanted to end it. It makes you want more to the story than you are just given. The movie doesn't compare to the first movie or TV show, but it's its own thing. It could have been any horror movie...

So while it lacks some things, it gets a 3 star movie. An average and weird movie that makes you wish that the other Collins family were there. Sorry Quentin, but you don't just cut it.

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