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Team Local Music at PowerHouse Pub present Snow White Smile

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Snow White Smile live at the PowerHouse Pub


Team Local Music at PowerHouse Pub in Folsom is a great opportunity for local musicians to showcase their talent. The venue has an intimate stage set up with a rockin' sound system and every Wednesday night, the bar hosts Northern Californian acts of all types.

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Last night, PowerHouse Pub featured three rock and roll acts: Sp!ne, a metal band akin to Pantera or Slayer, Origin Alive, a chick-fronted prog-metal band based out of Sacramento, and Snow White Smile, an industrial-rock hybrid with prominent electronic elements.

Sp!ne put on a lively set, drawing many casually seated observers out to the dance floor area for their cover of "Sober" by Tool.

Inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, Origin Alive rocked the bar and had quite a lot of energy.

Headlining act Snow White Smile is made up of four members - purple-haired vocalist/front man David Wright, metal-head drummer Zach Tole, spunky guitarist Stephanie King, and glam-goth bassist Kyle Vorst. Each member definitely possesses their own personal style, but as a unit, the four mesh well and last night their chemistry on stage was evident.

Snow White Smile played approximately a forty minute set and were even cheered on to play an encore.

The high point of the show was the song "Joey," a fast-paced, punk-influenced tune about a father/son relationship that ends very badly.

Currently promoting their debut, self-titled album, Snow White Smile are playing several more shows in the greater Northern California area, including shows this coming week in San Francisco and Petaluma.


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