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Review of Spunky Dunkers

spunky dunkers


You like donuts, don’t you? Did you know that Americans eat close to 10 billion donuts every year? That's an average of 35 donuts per person every year! So where do you get your fix? The national chain? No shame in that but there are donut shops locally owned that actually serve up a better piece of fried dough. Suburban donut shop Spunky Dunkers is one such shop that deserves a shot over its commercial counterparts.

Donuts here are made from scratch every day and much of their ingredients are from local purveyors. So I strolled in one Saturday morning, ordered a dozen, ate a dozen, and while a minor belly ache followed I will now drop some knowledge on you!

Chocolate Mint- Chocolate cake donut glazed with mint icing. Cake was moist inside with a slight crunch outside. Kinda reminded me of an Andes candy due to the strong mint flavor.
Red Velvet- Pretty dry and the mild flavor didn’t really capture the traditional red velvet flavor.
Butter Crunch- My favorite! Very moist inside with a buttery toffee crunch outside!
Sugar Raised- Very light and airy with just the right amount of sugar coating the outside.
Powdered Bavarian- Soft and chewy with tons of vanilla custard inside!
German Chocolate- Great balance of chocolate donut with a toasted coconut crust.
Black Raspberry- This jelly donut was soft and chewy, loaded with jelly and a generous amount of sugar coats the exterior.
Honey Dipped- Light and airy with just the right amount of honey glaze. Slightly sweeter than a regular glazed donut..
Chocolate Cake- nice and soft cake donut with a perfect amount of chocolate frosting on top.
Lemon Drop-crispy texture outside, soft middle, with a lemon flavored gelee inside that was a bit too lemony.
Sour Cream- Cake style donut was very dense but had a nice balance of sour cream flavor.
Cinnamon- My second favorite of the bunch! Soft cake donut with tons of cinnamon and sugar all over the exterior. Kinda tasted like a piece of cinnamon toast!
It’s interesting to note that some of the national chains today are selling more coffee than actual donuts. But while I ate my dozen at the counter at Spunky Dunkers it was abundantly clear that people were here for donuts and coffee was an after thought. So while there are no exotic flavors, people looking for an old school donut shop should definitely check out Spunky Dunkers. Rating *** and ½ out of *****.

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3441 N Arlington Heights Rd

Arlington Heights, IL

20 S. Northwest Highway

Palatine, IL


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