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Review of Sheila Walsh's "How to be God's Little Princess"

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How to be God's Little Princess


Sheila Walsh is a proliferate writer whose works cover mulitple issues for women, including "Beautiful things happen when a woman trusts the Lord" and "The Shelter of God's Promises". She's also created multiple books for girls on the topic of being a princess. She opens little girls eyes to the reality of becoming God's princess through the story of Gigi. These are fun-loving, wonderful books for young girls, but what does one do when the youngster reaches those perilous tween years? Sheila now has an answer for that question.

With the royal wedding just around the corner, Sheila's newest book for young girls has come at the perfect time. "How to be God's Little Princess" becomes available at today. It's a wonderful collection of girlish quizzes, crafty creative ideas, pointers on etiquette, cleanliness, and Christian living aimed at young preteens who desperately long for that princess identity. One could think of a princess as a girl with a bossy attitude or a flair for style, but Sheila addresses a practical issue close for Christian parents.

As we teach our girls to be the best they can be and help them to trust in the God of the Universe, one truth becomes clear. If Jesus is the King of Kings and if those who trust Him and accept His guidance have the right to become children of God, then the girls can rightly be called princesses. Much like the movie Princess Diaries opens up young eyes to the real world of princesses, this book give practical princess lessons for the kids of the King.