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Review of Sheep and Fiddle

Fish n Chips
Fish n Chips
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Sheep and Fiddle


When you see a restaurant in a strip mall what do you expect? A sub shop or a hot dog stand maybe? What you don’t expect is an Irish pub, at least I didn’t. Truth is I drove by this strip mall many times and never noticed it! So when word of mouth brought me to Sheep and Fiddle in Bartlett I was a little surprised that they were even there.
When you step inside it feels like a sports bar. Multiple TV’s playing football surround you while sitting at wooden tables. Décor is comfortable and familiar. So now that I’m comfortable let’s take a look at what I shall fill my belly with. To start I try the Irish cheese and spinach dip. The creamy dip has strong notes of parmesan, garlic, and finely chopped spinach served with warm flat bread. Great to share and worth ordering again. For dinner we chose the fish and chips and the Porkie burger. The hand battered cod was thinner than I expected but was very flaky and the coating had a very nice crunch to it. Fries were fresh cut and nicely seasoned and worked well with the fish. The Porkie burger is advertised as their top seller and is a ½ lb angus patty topped with pulled pork, pepper cured bacon, lettuce, and tomato. The burger came surprisingly without BBQ sauce so I got some on the side for myself. The meat was definitely of good quality and the bacon was quite good as well. My only minor gripe with the burger was that the pork could have been pulled a little more. Normally I wouldn’t complain about large chunks of pork but at times my pork to beef ratio was out of balance.
When looking through a dessert menu I try to find something unique whenever possible. The one that caught my eye tonight was the fried cheesecake. Sounds kinda wild so I figured why not? The cheese cake is served as two egg rolls stuffed with warm cream cheese and surrounded by a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. It works and it’s fun to eat! If food tastes good and is fun to eat then it brings a smile to my face.
Prices are extremely reasonable with nothing over $16. So while a return trip to try more traditional Irish fair is in order, my quick take is that Sheep and Fiddle is comfortable and has above average food in a location that you may drive by 9 out of 10 times. Plug it into your GPS and give this Irish joint a try. Rating *** (Good) out of *****.
1085 W Army Trail Rd.
Bartlett, IL