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Review of Sally’s Beauty Supply in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Trip to Sally's Beauty Supply


The store: Sally’s Beauty Supply
The location: Baseline and Carnelian in Rancho Cucamonga, CA
The purpose: To get products to create a new natural hair style.
The outcome: Great Customer service, and got the exact products that I was looking for.

Mission Accomplished! 

With all the April showers going on this month, it is necessary for a girl to keep her hair looking professional. For the sake of looking nice, a new hairstyle was in store. The look to try was a nice natural up do, done with a hair enhancement.

Sally’s beauty supply in Rancho Cucamonga sells a variety of hair pieces and pony tails. The hair piece chosen for this up do was the Sally’s Brand Single Braid for $1.49. The color chosen was 1B, which matches a dark brunette hair color and is one shade lighter than black.

The second product purchased at Sally’s Beauty Supply was ECO Styler brand hair gel, maximum hold. This product is a staple, especially in the rainy weather. It comes in a variety of different formulas, Olive Oil or Natural Formula for example. All are alcohol free and work similarly. The size purchased was a medium-small jar for $5.99. This lasts about two to three weeks, if used daily.

Overall, the review of today’s visit to Sally’s Beauty Supply in Rancho Cucamonga was a 5 star experience, out of a rating 5 stars. This is because the products were there, the staff was friendly, and the store looked nice. Overall it was a great visit (as always). Each product receives a 5/5 star score because they are tried-and-true for the creating the perfect rainy day up do.

Thank you to Sally’s Beauty Supply in Rancho Cucamonga for making my trip and natural bun up do a success!



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