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Review of S.J. Tucker’s new album “Wonders”

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S.J. Tucker’s new album “Wonders”


On Saturday, February 15, 2014 at the Women of Wisdom conference the official release concert of S.J. Tucker’s newest album entitled “Wonders” will be held. Since the late 1990’s S.J. Tucker has been wowing her listeners with amazing, fun, and sometimes serious music that engages all of your senses. Over the years her fans have really come to expect the very best from S.J. and her engaging sound.

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As usual, S.J. Tucker’s music is personal to her and gives us a bit of an insight into the way that she sees the world. In many ways the new album “Wonders” leaves us all wondering a bit and really looking at the world a little differently. Of course, that is what beautiful things do, make us wonder and see things in a little bit of a different light.

Although S.J. Tucker has produced many albums, her “Wonders” stands out from the others. This is the album that would be great for anyone to listen to. Everyone from the first time listener to her music, children, elderly, long time fans and everyone in between will find enjoyment in her lyrics and music from start to finish.

The new album, “Wonders,” really leaves you wondering and wanting more. You can see S.J Tucker in concert at the Women of Wisdom conference on February 15, 2014. She will be joined by Betsy Tinney who’s cello dances across the stage in ways that you might not have ever imagined.

On “Wonders” you will find wonderful songs and stories such as September's Rhyme, Ask Me Anything, Sailing Song, Song of the Witches, Wonders, Glashtyn Shanty, Little Skylar (the Worsted Wood), September Morning Bell, The Great Velocipede Migration, Not the Villain, For Largo, and LIttle Skylark (safe at home). “Wonders” can be purchased at the album release concert at the Women of Wisdom conference or through S.J.’s website at .

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