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Review of 'RWBY' cartoon

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'RWBY' by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions


'RWBY' that is pronouced 'ruby' is the product of Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum. It is a cartoon created with computer generated graphics and models. The series is into its second series and started in 2012. It is available through Cruncyroll and Rooster Teeth's Website.

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The series follows a young girl named Ruby who is following in her sister's footsteps of becoming a monster hunter in the fantasy world of Remenant. To do this she attends a battle school where she learns the finer points of working in a team and controling her abilities.

She is joined by teams of other battle school attendees. The first few episodes follow the four main characters (all women) as they come together at the school and are placed in a fighting team together. Their team name comes from the first letter of each charcter's name ('RWBY' or Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang). Each brings their own powers and special weapon sets.

The series is interesting. It has epic fight scenes, compelling storylines, visually stunning art work, fleashed out characters, it passes the Branchel test(!!!), and it has a fun adult interesting but kid friendly atmosphere. HOWEVER... and this is a fully waranted however... it has issues.

Namely the animation (which at times is fantastic) sometimes falls short. Background characters are just blacked out human shaped creatures. Some backgrounds look like they were made in under an hour and look off (cheap, fake, not the same look/feel of the rest of the show). Lastly some of the story, while interesting, has a few fairly large plotting issues or come off as terribly immature and inconsistant.

All that is to say, it feels rushed. The whole series is great. You can just tell that there are places where the creators must have been under the gun to create content on a fast pace. Also some episodes have rough, sudden, and not always fulfilling endings.

Alright--that said--this series is still worth watching. It is worth it several times over. Why? Epic Ridiculousness. Nuff said? No? Okay--so each character brings a lovely personality and intrigue to the plot. What they are amazing at however is being over the top and crazy. One second they are discussing who likes who and who is being a jerk to who and the next they are flying four hundred feet in the air shooting scythe rifles.

Each season has several over the top battles that leave you saying "What the hell am I watching?" and if you like that then you will love this show. That and Rooster Teeth is an amazing group of talented people and this is one of their first solo projects with original content. If 'RWBY' does well then it is likely that they will make more independent content.

Over all I give 'RWBY' 3 out of 5 dancing hampsters. I love the show but at the moment I can't give it more until I see more polished work with background characters and they fix some of the non-main character dialogue.


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