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Review of Riverside's local band Ninja Party

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Ninja Party


Music can create difficult decisions in our human minds. Most people listen to music to help with a specific feeling or emotion. What if there was a type of music that could appeal to multiple states of mind?

Ninja Party, a local band out of Riverside, California, have got it all. Somehow, maybe by a gift of the electronica music gods, Jonathan Orison and James W Poore Jr have created a special type of alternative sound. Together, the duo has released music that you can listen to whether you're at home studying on a quiet night or getting down at a house dance party.

Orison (the vocalist) and Poore (the beats) have accomplished something that is rarely seen in the electronica world: a voice that matches the music. There isn't an overload of obnoxious autotune drowning out what is supposed to be a human. Instead, there is a dreamy, smooth balance of a dream-like sound and dancing instruments that appeals to the soul like a dollar from the tooth fairy.

The band, which originated in the summer of 2009, is still going strong with their talent and motivation. With two full length albums, "Live From Outer Space" (2010) and "Kick Rocks" (2011), the boys have already made it a full few steps ahead of most artists looking to make a name for themselves. (Not to mention being voted "Best Electronic Act/Musician" in the Inland Empire in IE Weekly's annual report in 2011.) Killer, right?

If you still insist on not believing the wee little words of a journalist, please check them out for yourself. You can find Ninja Party all over YouTube and iTunes.

Keep rockin', Riverside.