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Review of Professor Whiskey's Traveling Bizarre Bazaar One Spark creator #20954

Burlesque Show,


You know it's going to be a great night when it begins with the Dark Knight. The Batman himself was the Master of Ceremonies for Professor Whiskey's Traveling Bizarre Bazaar's Sexy SciFi & Nerdlesque Show.
Gotham's Greatest had his eye on Harley Quinn and she didn't seem to mind, she may have even given Ole Bats a signal, when she suggested he trade in his Bat-Cycle for a Harley.

Professor Whiskey's SEXY SCIFI & NERDLESUE SHOWOne Spark Creator #20954
Professor Whiskey's SEXY SCIFI & NERDLESUE SHOWOne Spark Creator #20954
Dave Burkey
Mad Moxxi
Dave Burkey

The lady behind me, in the less than standing room only crowd was looking a little pale, like she might have needed a Dr. The next thing I knew there was a Police Box on stage and The Doctor was in. With a tip of the hat to the crowd the Doctor whipped out the longest one I've ever seen. The Doctor stood at the back of the stage and it was in the front row of the audience. It was long and colorful, that scarf sure was. After that everything was a blur as The Doctor took us on a journey of time and space within the curves of the burlesque dancer.

Harley Quinn came back and invited us all to get hammered and join her in bed, a bed of nails! What a gal that Harley is.

It seems The Doctor's departure, or was it Harley's arrival? Had created a disturbance, with the Doctor away there was only one person left on the planet with the scientific genius required to calm that disturbance, or create another. Dr. Sheldon Cooper was the PhD called in by Professor Whiskey.

Then there was some Resident Evil hot chic in black leather, I didn't get her name, sorry, hot chic in black leather and all that. Plus she had an umbrella and little umbrellas, two of them.
Next up was the Black Widow, she came in guns blazing and had everyone in the room wanting to be interrogated.

The penultimate performance, direct from the Colosseum matches in Underdome, Mad Moxxi! Mad Moxxi is often described as sadistic, lustful, alluring and dangerous. Mad Moxxi brought three of the four to her game, and hinted at the fourth.

And who better to serve as the show stopper than The Joker, with hula hoop in hand no less. The dark clown ensnared us all with her burlesque.

This performance was only a part of what Professor Whiskey's Traveling Bizarre Bazaar has done during One Spark. They have walked from one end of downtown to the other and back again, many times. They pose for pictures with festival goers and tell of their passion for burlesque.
They even set up a Kissing Booth outside of Grease Rags Clothing Co. They have worked hard this One Spark and work hard year round toward giving Jacksonville a home town burlesque show to be proud of. A little One Spark "glitter" would go a long way toward helping them.

Voting is open until 3:00 pm today, Sunday April 12, 2014
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creator #20954

Batman portrayed by Billy Daeighley Lightfoot
Harley Quinn portrayed by Jessabell Darlin
Doctor Who portrayed by Ramona Rhapsody
Dr. Sheldon Cooper portrayed by Vivie Leigh
Resident Evil Hot Chic portrayed by Lily Lector
Black Widow portrayed by Crimson LeClover
Mad Moxxie portrayed by Envy Inferno
The Joker portrayed by Jessabell Darlin

* There were some issues with stage height and seating/standing room that I have not addressed in this review. Those will be subject for another article as they concern One Spark and the venue. The creators are at the mercy of One Spark and the venues with many things and they should not be penalized for matters out of their individual control.

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