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Review of Porter's Pub

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips
Hungry Z

Porter's Pub


One of my first questions when I walked into Porter’s Pub was, “A pub at a country club?” According to my server it is not odd and actually fairly common to have a pub for the golf crowd. Of course this isn’t a dingy hole in the wall pub, but rather a place the upscale crowd would be comfortable grabbing a brew.

If your average bar carries 10-20 beers you’re pretty happy, but Porter’s actually boasts over 65 beers in all different styles and from all over the world to satisfy almost everyone. So I grab the Wee Heavy, a full bodied Scotch Ale because I figure if you’re gonna drink beer why bother with a watered down light beer? Drinking on an empty stomach just makes you sick, so let’s grab some grub to soak up those suds.

Two appetizers are my usual and our server recommends the seaside tacos and the Cockney cheese curds. Many times when you go to a pub, beer and appetizers is all you want or really ever order. If all I ordered tonight was the apps then I probably would not make the drive out toElginagain. These average offerings made me feel like I was in for a long night. The tacos are advertised to have crisp tilapia but what I found was a nicely grilled tortilla, tasty corn and peppers, but under seasoned and not crisp tilapia that made the dish fall short. The cheese curds were ok. They were golden and airy, but at the same time they did not live up to my server’s hype.

Luckily for me I did not only order apps tonight. For the main course my guest and I had the pork porter house and the fish and chips. The juicy and thick cut pork porterhouse had a slight char on the outside and was wonderfully tender on the inside. My guest found himself enjoying every bite and almost forgot to share with me! As good as the pork was the fish and chips were even better! This was possibly the flakiest piece of cod I have ever had! The house made beer batter coating hugged the fish like a blanket and had the perfect amount of seasoning. These fish and chips are worth driving toElginfor. They’re actually pretty bad ass!

So what’s dessert going to be like? Average like the appetizers or really good like the main course? Thankfully it was closer to the latter. A pumpkin crème brulee was comforting and literally felt like pumpkin pie but with a caramelized sugar crust. It actually makes me want to torch some sugar on my next pumpkin pie! The other star of dessert was the deconstructed key lime pie. Served in a martini glass, the nicely balanced pie center is the base and is then topped with house made whip cream and some crushed graham cracker. Something that tastes good and is fun to eat, bravo!

All dishes come to under $18 and the fish and chips rings in under $13. Overall Porter’s offers a large beer list and some darn good entrees for a fair price.

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1250 Bowes Creek Blvd
Elgin, IL 60124

*Please note that Hungry Z was an invited guest at Porter's Pub*


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