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Review of My Toasty Cheese

Big Blue
Big Blue
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My Toasty Cheese


So what’s the hottest trend in dining nowadays? If you said food trucks then you’re right! Food trucks today aren’t the “Roach Coaches” of the 70’s, todays trucks are doing high end street food that you would be foolish to pass up! How do you find them? I follow a handful of trucks on Twitter so that’s a great place to start. What if it rains? You know you always have that mobile dining room I like to call your car, and its ambiance all depends on how clean your ride is.

So when the lunch time hunger set in this week I fired up my Twitter account and saw that the “My Toasty Cheese” truck was in my neck of the woods. Score! Something warm and melty was exactly what I needed. Now if you’re expecting this truck to just serve American cheese between two slices of white bread then you’re fooling yourself. They have 11 different sandwiches to choose from or you can always create your own. Sharing is caring so bring a friend or significant other with you so you can order two sandwiches and split them.

Now it’s decision time. The Jazzy Jeff sounds good with chicken, ham, cheddar, muffaletta mix on a butter bun or do I want the Hanna Banana with deep-fried Nutella, banana purée and marshmallow fluff on panini bread. Hmmm…so many choices but I think we’re gonna start with the Great Dane and the Big Blue along with an order of rosemary fries. First bite goes to the Great Dane which is loaded with both American and cheddar cheeses and some apple wood smoked bacon in between buttery panini bread. If you like your grilled cheese loaded with cheese to the point some falls onto the wax paper then this is for you! Now I dig my hand in the bag of rosemary fries and I gotta tell ya’ they’re pretty darn good. You ever notice fries taste best when eaten out of a bag? The rock star sandwich though was the Big Blue. Grass-fed rib eye, bleu cheese, red onions and fresh baby arugula with lemon balsamic on a toasty pretzel roll made this sandwich ridiculously good! I expected a few slices of steak and a bunch of veggies but it was totally the other way around! I actually had steak falling out of the sandwich!

For a sweet end I ordered a batch of Lucky Louis bites. These puffy balls of dough are similar to donut holes but easily outclass anything by that national donut chain. They were airy, chewy, and dusted with cinnamon sugar. Served with caramel, chocolate, and raspberry dipping sauces. These little treats should not be missed!

Prices for the sandwiches range from $5-9 and they are totally worth it. I was bummed I couldn’t try more today but it gives me a reason to come back. If you’re looking for gourmet sandwiches and don’t mind eating outside or in your car, then you would be wise to check these guys out. Rating **** (very good) out of *****.

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