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Review of Lush split ends mender 'Shine so Bright'

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Lush 'Shine so Bright'


I recently came across a haircare product from Lush Cosmetics. The product is called Shine So Bright. Shine So Bright was designed to mend split ends of hair.

Unlike many Lush products this one is not vegan as it contains free range eggs. Other ingredients in the haircare product include extra virgin coconut and olive oils as well as shea butter. Shine So Bright by Lush also includes orange flower, grapefruit, neroli and rosewood perfume. These are all components traditionally known for moisturizing and conditioning the hair.

When I first went to use the product I was not sure how it worked. Shine So Bright resembles a solid perfume. I realized that the product needs to be softened up so scraped a small amount into my palm and warmed it in my hands. The texture is a balm. I began applying the product by running it through the ends of my hair. The first thing I noticed was that the product had a wonderful smell that became more apparent as it was applied. The most important aspect was that the product did work. The ends of my hair looked great and my hair did not feel weighed down.

Shine So Bright by Lush not only mends split ends but also works as an anti-frizz and a hair perfume. It is a great haircare product especially for colored hair as coloring and processing the hair usually leads to split ends. It comes packaged in a small tin container but a little goes a long way. I enjoyed this product and would recommend it.