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Review of 'Lover Unbound' by JR Ward

The 5th installment of the BDB takes the series to a new level
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Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward, book 5 in Black Dagger Brotherhood series


J.R. Ward has made it her mission to bring sexy back to vampires in a very adult way with her Black Dagger Brotherhood series. The 5th book of the series, Lover Unbound, focuses on finding your identity in your choices, not in your bloodline.

Vishous is a badass from head to toe. His tattoos and his emotionless aura cause humans and vampires alike to instinctively stay out of his way. When Butch, V’s best friend and roommate, becomes a Brother and mates with Marissa, V feels the only connection he’s ever had slipping away. The fact that V keeps Butch alive after he inhales the lessers creates a bond that V never thought he’d feel.

That is, until a gunshot wound threatens to take him out and he’s mistakenly sent to a human hospital. There, he’s stitched up by the extremely talented and slightly damaged Dr. Jane Whitcomb. As soon as V opens his eyes, he’s immediately taken by her beauty and her take-no-prisoners attitude. When the Brothers come to spring him, V takes Jane out of instinct, holding her hostage until V heals. The problem is, that time to coming quickly, and Jane may have just met her match.

This book is slightly different than the others, in the sense that you won’t get the ending that you expect. Things do not wrap up neatly for this couple. Vishous discovers things about himself and his past that will not only floor you, but also explain the mystery behind his powers. Jane is a tough character who carries a tragedy with her that a lot of people can relate to and understand. Her desire to be independent must be balanced with her love for Vishous, and vice versa. This book takes the Brotherhood series to a new level and adds another layer to the wonderfully sexy world that Ward has created. You learn more about them and their culture, and get a glimpse into their future.

You can find Lover Unbound in any of Tulsa’s local book stores: Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, The Frugal Bookworm and Gardners.

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