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Review of 'Let’s Play Football' for your little quarterback

'Let’s Play Football' book


The Super Bowl may be over, but the 12th man is here to stay. The Seahawk victory thrilled long term fans while awaking a whole new fan base. This football frenzy is sure to continue with an awareness in player trades, spring training, and the desire to enroll in football camp.

Let's Play Football is a great book for your little quarterback

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A fun way to nurture this interest is with the new book: Let’s Play Football. This enjoyable children’s picture book helps younger fans understand the rules and strategy of the game through a story of a papa bear and his cub. By going along with this daddy/son duo as they follow their favorite team (the Bears), readers are introduced to the different aspects of the sport of football.

The cute story explains the games strategy through colorful illustrations and simple rhyming text. The detailed glossary in the back is perfect for quick clarifications while reading as well as a wonderful review tool. Let’s Play Football has a free app from iTunes which can be installed on your iPad so the kiddos can follow along while Ron Jaworski reads it!

After reviewing the book and having two other families check it out, the overall response was positive from both the adults and the children. The parents were all familiar with the game and felt it was an easy and fun way to teach their little quarterbacks about football.

The one page that a couple of adults felt was misleading
When the player with the ball gets tackled to the ground,
his teammates on the Offensive take the field and huddle ‘round

The issues was over the face that the offensive is already on the field and therefore they wouldn’t need to take the field

As far as the kids, all of them enjoyed Let’s Play Football and the fact the characters were animals. Two kids thought the players looked scary but most of the kids seem to feel that the players needed to look a bit mean. Oddly the other two items continually mentioned were a concern over the mess the honey on a sticks (sold at half time) would cause and the absence of girls and/or moms in the story.

Let’s Play Football is written by Jon Richter and illustrated Joseph Krzemienski. The duo’s next book “Let’s Play Baseball” is scheduled for an October 2014 release. They will then add Basketball, Ice Hockey and Soccer titles in 2015.

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