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Review of Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes

Glamping at Lakedale
Glamping at Lakedale
Amber Butch

Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes


Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes is an amazing property located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. During the warmer summer months, guests can go "glamping," an increasingly popular alternative to traditional camping.

What does glamping involve, exactly? At Lakedale, it’s really like camping in any other tent—except that it’s much bigger and has furniture, including a bed, couch, dresser, end tables, and small dining room table. Starting at 225 square feet, this isn’t your typical tent, which is why they’re more appropriately labeled at Lakedale as canvas cabins. They also provide plenty of camping essentials inside the tents, including a flashlight, ice cooler, and barbecuing utensils. The canvas cabins vary in size, and they even offer options with a small bathroom area.

Glamping guests can also begin their day with free breakfast in the mess tent, and they end their day with heated water bottles that are delivered directly to their tents.

Outside their tents, guests will find an outdoor dining set up, chairs, and their own personal fire pit with plenty of firewood. Most canvas cabins also have a lake view.

Located in the middle of it all is a convenient little store that offers pretty much anything guests could possibly need for a fun night of camping, including extra firewood, the essentials for s’mores, and alcohol.

The resort also offers an array of summer activities for guests, including paddle boating, kayaking, shirt tie dying, and fishing and swimming in one of their three freshwater lakes.

Aside from glamping, Lakedale guests also have the option of reserving a regular campsite if they want a traditional camping experience, or they can bring an RV. For those not up for sleeping outdoors, other options include log cabins and the luxurious lake house. Alternatively, guests can stay in the lodge for more conventional hotel room-style lodging.

The resort is located in the lovely San Juan Islands in Friday Harbor, Washington. The only way to access these islands is by seaplane or a one-hour ferry from Anacortes. Even if you only have one night to spare while you’re in Washington, it’s well worth the journey. It’s also easy to get to the resort from the Friday Harbor ferry terminal and takes just 10 minutes.

To learn more about Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes, visit their website.