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Review of Hotel Sultanhan, Istanbul

Interior detail shots of Hotel Sultanhan
Interior detail shots of Hotel Sultanhan
Noel Morata Photography

Hotel Sultanhan


If you're interested in being located centrally in Istanbul and pampered with all the nice amenities along with a stunning and beautiful hotel while touring Istanbul, then the Sultanhan is just the right place for you to base your stay in the area. Located in the historic district at Sultanhanmet in the Old City, The Sultanhan is a luxury hotel that delivers traditional elegance, comfort and spacious rooms all in one venue.

Room interiors
Noel Morata Photography

Perfectly located in the historic district, all the major historic sites are within walking distance. The hotel has beautiful rooftop dining and verandas, elegant lounge areas and many outdoor pavilions showing the gorgeous panoramas of the city. Breakfast meals are served upstairs on the rooftop and it's a wonderful dining experience.

Inviting hotel interiors

The plush interiors of the hotel are traditional with large and comfortable lounging areas just off the reception check-in. Smartly dressed in earth tones and burgundy seating, the interior welcomes you after a long day of sightseeing. The large roof top restaurant offers stunning views of the entire city and the major monuments in the historic district.

Room -

Each room is plush and luxurious with large oh so comfortable king sized beds. There seating areas and a wonderful desk with views to an inner courtyard allowing for a quiet sleep from the busy outdoor traffic. The bathroom is modern and large for western standards with beautiful robes, plush towels and all the amenities you would need.

Breakfast -

The breakfast service and menu is quite elaborate and extensive with local cheeses and meats, traditional breads and pastries, fruits, nuts and other delicacies along a variety of stations. In addition, the staff will also create custom omelets or breakfast dish that you may want in addition to the expansive buffet. The variety is exceptional along with quality food and service. Attention to small details, regularly stocking the stations and offering local specialties from the region makes this an exceptional breakfast experience while staying at the hotel.

The breakfast service is warm, welcoming and not intrusive, making the morning meal a wonderful start of morning before exploring the area.

Staff Worth Special mention –

Everyone we encountered on staff was very friendly, kind and courtesy. The concierge was very accommodating, offering help to putting together itineraries, booking reservations and printing things on the internet for visiting sites.

General Summary –

The Sultanhan Hotel is a beautiful place to stay while visiting Istanbul, it is quiet appeal and understated elegance make it an amazing and luxurious stay in the historic district. Once you had a full day of touring around the city, it's nice to go back to a very quiet and luxurious stay at this hotel.

Hotel Sultanhan is a member of Great Hotels of the World Classic Collection. Classic double rooms starts from £182. For more information or to book, please visit