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Review of Hitchcock's muderous party film, 'Rope'

The Rope


It's murder and a party.

"Rope" is an 1949 Alfred Hitchcock movie that starred John Dall and Farley Granger in the leads. Joan Chandler, James Stewart, and Sir Cedric Hardwicke also starred in the thriller.

The movie takes from the real life case of Leopold and Loeb, which anyone who knows that case can see that right away in the movie. The movie itself starts off with a punch. The whole movie stays in Brandon's (John Dall) apartment, where the murder takes place. Brandon and Phillip (Farley Granger) are the killers, they kill David because he was inferior to them.

Brandon is the leader of the murder, he wanted to do the perfect crime. Phillip, helps him he's though he's no victim of course Hitchcock makes it clear in his movie that Philip is the weak one. He is easily lead, easily pushed around. He's twisted for even getting with Brandon. Brandon, has a sick hold on him that sadly Philip just couldn't break.

They are cocky killers. Brandon is scary on how he thinks, an underrated nutcase in Hitchcock movies. The sickest thing is that Brandon invites his father over and other guests. David's body is still in the house!

Jimmy Stewart in the movie is an old housemaster turned publisher that Brandon invites. He catches on and then that leads to more suspense.

The movie is twisted and it has to be one of Hitchcock's best. Sometimes a little underrated. Not always easy to watch either.

While the plot is dark, Hitch doesn't leave out his dark humor. He also throws in some pop culture references. "That one Grant and Bergman movie."

The acting is superb, Dall and Granger were great together. Both actors contrasted each other and they stole the show even with Stewart and Hardwicke in the cast. Showed a difference between how each killer reacted. Philip, can't bear it and Brandon, he's just fine.

Disturbing, suspenseful, and with the perfect ending, "Rope," is a movie that takes you on the edge of your seat. It makes you wonder, how bored can one be? and when will these two men get caught?

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