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Review of Graveborne’s ‘Through the Window of the Night’

Graveborne's "Through the Window of the Night"


Formed in 2008, Finland’s Graveborne play a hard yet melodic approach to black metal. Indeed, the band reminded me a little of the mighty Emperor.

Cover art for Graveborne's "Through the Window of the Night"
Seance Records

Through the Window of the Night follows 2011’s Pure Negativity, building upon a majestic, stirring sound that grabs throats and refuses to let go. Out front are the guitars of Horkka and Marchosias (Black Crucifixion), both of whom set down some blurry rhythms accented with dissonant leads and an array of catchy hooks. Tracks such as “Tiesi Paahan” and “Root of Evil” feed off this vibe, whereas tracks such as “Burn the City of God” and “In the End I Find my Beginning” have a more refined and melodic edge. Thus, the collective always remains fresh and inviting, with no lulls to be experienced during the entire CD.

Supporting the majestic guitarwork is the rhythm section of bassist Blood Baptist and drummer Pentele (Kalmannos and Parade of Souls). Drums are relentless in their fury, at times whirling past like a blur, with the bass subtle and often shadowing the guitars. Out front is the rotted throat of Raato (Verdelt and Snowgarden), whose demonic shriek complements the discordance of the guitars.

Cursory listeners of black metal will cry out that Through the Window of the Night offers very little new and that the core 1990s black metal vibe is simply being repeated. However, careful and astute listeners will find many amazingly new touches on the CD. For example, at first listen a track like “Misericordia” presents the usual fuzzy and buzzy approach, yet within the song are some fanciful elements of percussion, melodic guitar stings, and some twists and rhythms that may fly past the casual listener. Another track is “Into the Abyss,” which one moment spurs by with unbridled fury, only to stop, reset, and throw down for a second time. Also, look for the guest vocals by K-2T4-S (Kena Stromsholm) of . . . and Oceans on the song “Pyhaa Verta.”

Go ahead, and look Through the Window of the Night. Embrace the darkness that resides both inside and out.