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Review of Everest Burger

Chorizo in a burger!
Chorizo in a burger!
Hungry Z

Everest Burger


When you think of burgers you probably think of beef and grease. You may think of a burger joint as a place where the floors are sticky and your stomach feels like you just ate a brick. Everest Burger in Glencoe is challenging that perception with a burger joint that is elegant and offers organic grass fed beef.

It’s odd for a burger place to be described as elegant but that is what kept coming to mind during my visit. As soon as I opened the door I smelled the intoxicating aroma of fresh baked bread drifting through the air. The music was not traditional rock or hip hop, but rather an eclectic mix of classical, opera, Latino, and even a little jazz. The dining room is well lit, very clean, and good looking enough to bring a date. I simply felt very comfortable before I ever took a bite.

Owners Mark and Margarita Challenger put even more thought into the food to make a burger that is by no means a cookie cutter copy cat of the national chains. I ordered three burgers to sample all with the all natural grass fed beef, other options to include chicken, turkey, veggie, and even Wild Alaskan Salmon. My first burger was the Everest burger on the home made whole wheat bun. Lettuce, tomato, onions, blue cheese, kalamata olives, and avocado make for a creamy burger without any mayonnaise or ketchup needed. The bun had good flavor but was a touch dry. Next burger was the Great Gringo Burger. The beef was marinated inCoronaand topped with grilled jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle mayonnaise. This burger had the fresh baked organic whole wheat white bun which was soft and moist but sturdy enough to withstand the burger juices. This burger had very good flavor and texture with my only minor complaint being that I would have wanted more jalapeños for a little more kick. My final burger might have been my favorite. The Churri burger had a chorizo and beef patty topped with pepper jack, onions, and cilantro instead of lettuce. Very unique and quite delicious!

After sampling 3 burgers my guest and I didn’t feel gross or stuffed so we decided on some of their house made desserts. We sampled a moist and crunchy peanut butter cookie, tart and tangy frozen yogurt, a slightly dry but beautiful cupcake, and a knockout Tres Leches cake. I have had Tres Leches cake before but often times it is too wet and often soggy for my tastes. This cake had a wonderful balance of being moist and delicious but not being soggy or bread pudding like.

Burger with fries is right around $10 unless you choose the salmon for $13. Considering you get amazing aromas, grass fed beef, fresh baked buns, and wonderful atmosphere, this is a great price. If you are in the mood for a grown up burger in a setting you wouldn’t mind bringing a date to then Everest Burger is worth checking out. Rating **** (very good) out of *****.

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* Hungry Z was an invited guest to Everest Burger


91 Green Bay Rd




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