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Review of dog treats from

Honey Miller eating a cod fish stick
Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller

Dog treats from


Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, Sitstay believes that “we don’t own pets, they own us.” Since 1996, the company has nurtured relationships between pets and their owners by discovering products that are healthful, enriching and “good dog” approved, and delivering these pet products to your doorstep. According to their business statement, the owners are first and foremost pet parents seeking only the best treats and toys available for our dogs. Working closely with companies throughout the pet industry, they work to uncover great products and unleash them to you. Their business philosophy is simple: “share products that empower pet owners to raise happy, healthy and good dogs”.

This Christmas my dog had the opportunity to sample a selection of dog treats from Honey, our rescued and adopted Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Casey, a mixed breed black lab/pit bull, reviewed the following products from the Winter Waterland Gift Set:

Elinora’s Fish Skin Chews, $9.80, a 2013 Product Award Winner

Polkadog Bakery Go Fish Treats, $9.95,

Polkadog Twisted Cod Skin Dog Jerky, $12.99, a 2013 Product Award Winner

Squeakie toy – this cute, goldfish-shaped squeak toy was no longer available as of January 2014

Christmas SitStay Dog ID tag

This all came attractively packaged in a red-and-white Signature Holiday Gift Bag exclusively for good dogs, $7,

When the box arrived, Honey could smell the fish through the packaging! She was very curious as to its contents. I was impressed with the attractive packaging and the quality of the ingredients, such as Alaskan Cod. Fish oil is terrific for skin health, especially during the dry winter months. As fish oils replenish the skins moisture, this serves to increase the fur’s shine.

We first had her sample the Cod Skins. These were very long and crunchy, and rather fragile. Honey seemed to sense she was about to receive a very special treat. She sat for her treat, gingerly took it into her mouth, carefully carried it to the kitchen, and crunched it up. Then she ran outside and did a kind of victory dance in the snow. With just that one treat, her energy level seemed to increase for the remainder of the afternoon. The next day, I could see a slight difference in her fur. She did seem a bit gassy the next day, but that could also have been the effect if people leftovers she received. The fish smell was also a bit overpowering for me.

We wrapped up the rest of the treats for Casey, who was a very happy dog on Christmas. Her owner reported that she was overwhelmed by the smell as well when she opened the container of cod skins. She said that it was reminiscent of China Town. When offered a cod skin, she was hesitant at first, first running away, then grabbed and devoured it. She loved all of the treats, but her owner reported that she was very gassy for about two days afterward.

So, while the fish treats were very healthy, we both found that they were not quite up our alleys. I suggest staying away from the fish-based ones unless you know that is what your recipient likes. However, if you peruse the web site you will find that there is a very wide selection of high quality gifts, all dog tested and approved.

Free shipping for all orders over $75. For more information, visit

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