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Review of Depardieu's film 'Dumas'

Gerard Depardieu played Dumas
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images



"L'Autre Dumas," or known as "Dumas," is a 2010 film that was directed by Safy Nebbou and the film starred, Gerard Depardieu, Benoit Poelvoorde, Dominique Blanc, Melanie Thierry, and Catherine Mouchet. The film had a fine cast of actors with a plot about the collaborator that helped Dumas write his novels, Auguste Maquet, and how the man pretends to be Dumas because of a young woman. The young woman wants to save her father from prison, so she asks Dumas to help her. Identity theft becomes a problem and drama enthuses.

The film has a mixture of drama, a little comedy, and smidgen of action! The period piece looks at the sometimes turbulent relationship between two friends and novel collaborators Alexandre Dumas and Auguste Maquet. Many of us have heard of "The Three Musketeers," "The Count of Monte Cristo," and Maquet is a name that help create these books, the movie shows that. The movie also shows Dumas in not in the best light, while I don't personally know much about his real life, it's quite interesting to see the view of him in this movie.

Depardieu did well as Dumas, he's good at being an over the top actor, he gave life to Dumas. While nothing against Poelvoorde, but could just didn't like Maquet. There was something about his character and portrayal that made him feel stale. It seemed like while Depardieu was over the top, Poelvoorde seemed just there. In his defense the character of Maquet, is a bookish type, nothing wrong with it, just seemed like he would have changed moods more when all the stuff was happening. Even when he's trying to fight with Dumas, he's just so out of it. Definitely what makes it good is there is a big contrast between the two and the movie did well showing that.

The three actress Blanc, Thierry, and Mouchet were all wonderful in their roles and their characters each were different and gave interest throughout the movie. Especially enjoyed the performance of Dominique Blanc. She bought more to the story with her performance. As did the youthful Melaine Thierry that showed us that beauty and intelligence is a the key, and the little scenes that Catherine Mochet were in, showed that you must always speak your mind. I loved all their performances.

The pace in the movie is actually quite well, which always helps a movie when it has a good speed. It wasn't a boring picture because everything was happening from love affairs to a revolution!

It's about a 3 star picture, the scenery is magnificent that travels you back to 19th century France. It's a good drama and not a bad way to spend an hour and 45 minutes. While not knowing too much history about Mr. Dumas, this movie worked, if you are a history buff you might want to see how far they did go. Nevertheless it did want me to read one of his books!

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