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Review of ‘Dark Rebirth’ - mobile phone game

'Dark Rebirth' video game by Ateam Inc.


‘Dark Rebirth’ by Ateam Inc. is an old fashioned exploratory dungeon-quest game. You play a summoner who can call monsters to battle against other monsters or summoners. Players quest alone or battle friends.

They are really going for epic fantasy--by which I mean to say heavy metal album cover.
Ateam Inc.
So spooky!
Ateam Inc.

Game play is largely pressing a direction you want to go in and the game “autopilots” to your next destination where you either fight, capture, or speak with a monster of some sort. The game gives you a minimap on the side to help guide your efforts.

In addition to the questing feature there is also a chance to fight special daily challenges, boss battles, or duels with friends. For every day you log in you get points toward buying/upgrading equipment and monsters.

Overall there really isn’t anything bad to say about this game. It is a free to play (pay to win) game so you can try it out without any risk. The menus are a little overwhelming when you are starting off however.

The good things about this game has to be the monster battles. They are very strategic with several different combinations, tactics, and load-outs to try. If anything there are too many options and statistics to work with in the game.

For how much the company talks about the astounding 3D graphics there really are better (however their opening cinematic is really pretty neat). The game play is okay but it feels too much like just the “grinding” from older RPG’s like ‘Final Fantasy’ or ‘Chrono Trigger’ without the story.

Personally there just isn’t anything to really keep me coming back but I really can’t berate it because it does exactly what it said it would. It is fun but maybe just not for me. I give it three dancing hamsters for creativity, solid platform, and monster cats.

You can check out more about the game on their website at