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Review of Clementi's

Hungry Z



We’ve all done it, drive down the road and spot a restaurant and say “I wonder if that place is any good?” You probably kept driving and eventually forgot about that place. But what if one day you decided to pull over and try that place? But what if it’s bad? You never go back, so what! But if it’s good, then you get to tell all your friends about this new place they need to check out. Aren’t you suddenly “in the know”!

One such place I recently stopped in was Clementi’s in Arlington Heights. This unassuming Italian joint becomes quite nice once you step inside and wouldn’t be a bad place to bring a date. Comfortable atmosphere needs to have solid food if you are going to tell your friends about it.

For the appetizer I opted for the toasted ravioli. Obviously if you bread and fry something it can’t be bad! The ravioli was toasted nicely, had a small amount of beef inside, and had a nice airy feel to it. Entrees today were the chicken Milanese and the lasagna. The super moist chicken was breaded lightly and topped with parsley and a lemony wine sauce. Not too heavy and full of flavor! The lasagna was made with fresh pasta so don’t expect al dente, but do expect a nice marinara sauce, melted cheese, and a whole lot of comfort.

Two small desserts were tried in an effort not to loosen my belt or unbutton my pants! Refreshing lemon Italian ice was served in a martini glass and had a nice and creamy mouth feel. We finished with the cannoli that had chocolate chips throughout and was studded with chopped pistachios on each end.

All entrees are under $20 so this could be a nice option for the family or a date when you don’t feel like dropping a ton of loot. Overall Clementi’s has solid hand crafted food for the same price as a chain restaurant. If you live within 30 minutes of them, then I say go ahead and check them out! Rating *** and ½ out of *****.

602 W Northwest Hwy.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004 |
Phone: (847) 253-3544


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