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Review of CamelBak relay pitcher

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CamelBak Relay water filter


If you like the taste or health benefits of filtered water, odds are you have used a water filter pitcher before. It's also likely that you have experienced an almost-disaster when you pour water into a cup and the lid falls off, spilling the shiny filtered water all over the place. CamelBak's Relay is designed with those struggles in mind, and I got a chance to try it out!

First of all, the pitcher filters the water from the faucet very quickly. It holds about 10 cups of water and the pitcher is designed to fit into the door of a refrigerator. I love this feature because it doesn't take up valuable shelf space. The pitcher also has a great locking component on the lid. This provides security so that you can pour water out without it leaking or the lid falling off. I tried to get the pitcher to leak, and if you tip it backwards it leaks a bit, but nothing ridiculous. The lid-lock feature is fantastic!

The filter itself is an innovative design that allows the pitcher to filter water as fast as a faucet. It also filters out chlorine, and other forms of bacteria. It improves the taste of the water as well. The filter lasts about 4 months, which is about twice as long as the leading competitor. Not only will it last longer, it will keep your water safe.

Overall if you like filtered water, the CamelBak Relay is the best option. It is compact, is very efficient, and cost effective. It retails for $36.99, which is a great deal for clean water!