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Review of Bridesmaids

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In past reviews, I’ve made no secret of my distain for “chick flicks.” These, of course, are films that are specifically geared to appeal to women and yet they place women in all too familiar scenarios and the characters end up being nothing more than gross stereotypes. All of that can usually be surmised by simply watching a two minute trailer for a chick flick. Whenever a film comes along that defies these preconceived notions, it’s usually a pretty great movie. This is definitely the case with Bridesmaids.

was co-written and stars the criminally multi-talented Kristen Wiig, a current cast member on Saturday Night Live who is typically a bright spot in any given episode. She plays Annie, a mid-to-late 30s single women who’s life seems to be coming apart at the seams. She only has casual relationships with men, her bakery closed during hard economic times and her best friend, Lillian (played by the versatile Maya Rudolph), since they were kids, is getting married. Annie is genuinely happy for her and accepts Lillian’s offer to be the maid of honor and it all starts to unravel from there.

The rest of the bridesmaids are played to perfection by Ellie Kemper, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne. One of the many things that makes Bridesmaids an excellent film is that each of these characters are clearly defined and have distinct roles. Typically these women are merely background characters who aren’t even worthy of being given names. Here, each actress makes her mark by chewing scenery and nearly stealing every scene.

Saying that Bridesmaids is the female The Hangover is doing this film a great disservice. That’s not a knock on The Hangover, it’s a great movie, but where that film just went for the funny scene after scene after scene, Bridesmaids has an emotional depth and a heart at its core that makes this a more relatable film. As a result, you end up caring more about these characters and enjoying the scenes that are hilarious (and there are many of them here) even more. There aren’t many films that I would recommend for everyone but Bridesmaids is truly one of those films. I highly encourage everyone to head to the Cinemagic in Hooksett or Merrimack to check out one of the funniest movies this year.