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Review of "127 Hours"

A story of struggle, pain, endurance and success.
A story of struggle, pain, endurance and success.
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127 Hours


When the Oscar nominations were made yesterday, James Franco who played Aron Ralston in the movie "127 Hours" found himself on the much sought after Best Actor in a Leading Role list. The film also garnered nominations for film editing, best original score, best adapted screenplay, and best picture. Along with many of this year's nominees, "127 Hours" is an inspirational flick which helps us to believe in the possible.

Having said that, this film is not for the light of heart. The movie centers around the true story of Aron Ralston, an adventurer and thrill seeker who falls into a large crevice and finds himself trapped with his arm pinned by an immovable boulder. James Franco does an amazing job of helping us to see from Ralston's point of view the horror and sorrow of those 127 hours while also making us realize why and how he could possibly cut himself free.

The film's honest portrayal of his fantasies while starving and experiencing dehydration may, in fact, be too honest for some viewers. Let's just say there are parties and girls. As you can imagine, much cussing flows through the film as Ralston expresses his frustration at his predicament. You may not wish to munch the traditional popcorn as the moments where Ralston decided to actually cut himself free are bloody and difficult to endure. Nothing is held back in his portrayal of what would cause someone to cut his own arm off. Because of this experience, Ralston realizes important things about himself and his life. His eyes are opened to his own failings and the truth of what and who he values most ring clear.

The star rating for this film doesn't reflect the actor's skill but my difficulty to endure the experience and all the depictions of his thought process. If I hadn't so deeply longed to see his finished success, knowing it would come, I might not have stuck it out. After viewing this movie, one does become more aware of the human ability to survive no matter the circumstance. In Ralston's case, he not only survived, but thrives as well.

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