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Review: New Belgium Brewing's newest, refreshing summer ale, Summer Helles

Ready for some new brews?
Ready for some new brews?
New Belgium Brewing

Summer Helles


Summer is certainly coming, especially for those who are living in Colorado, and with warmer weather comes the need for beer that is refreshing during the hotter days.

Today, we take a look at the newest summer seasonal ale from New Belgium, Summer Helles.

Summer Helles is a German-style beer that provides a refreshing, subtle ale and it is certainly a delicious beer to enjoy during the heat of summer.

The scents you'll immediately notice are small yet present. Honey comb is perhaps one of the strongest aromas we noticed the most when breathing in the preview of Summer Helles.

The overall finish and taste of Summer Helles is definitely lighter, yet crisp. The honey notes are still there, but not quite as strong as the scents we previously noted.

Summer Helles pours out a golden, subtly opaque presentation with a snow white foam finish on top. It is definitely a lighter beer in the alcohol by volume (ABV) category, checking in at 5.0% ABV.

When you look at the overall presentation of Summer Helles, it's a delicious refresher that any light beer drinker will thoroughly enjoy. If you're looking for a little bit more strength in a beer's taste, definitely explore some of New Belgium's other yearly offerings, but Summer Helles is a great place to start.

If you are someone who is new to the beer scene, Summer Helles is a fantastic introduction to the wonderful world of beer. It's a simple, non-threatening beer and will really lend itself to beginning beer drinkers. It won't chase you away or turn you off to beer, so start with Summer Helles.

Finally, if you are just someone who will be looking for a lighter beer to enjoy after a day hike this summer or an afternoon ride, pick up yourself a six-pack of Summer Helles.

Summer Helles is the second seasonal of the year with a new fall seasonal to arrive, potentially followed by Accumulation Ale, and its second winter appearance.

For those who are interested in picking up a taste of Summer Helles for themselves, you can pick it up in 12 ounce bottles at select retailers, as well as restaurants that carry the New Belgium seasonal.