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Review: NES Remix

NES Remix looks good, but when it comes to gameplay it occasionally falters
NES Remix looks good, but when it comes to gameplay it occasionally falters
NES Remix

nes remix


While most folks were quite unhappy with the recently released Club Nintendo rewards, they did offer gamers a chance to grab a title that they have never gotten a chance to play. I was torn between quite a few different games but in the end I went with NES Remix.

Presentation: The game certainly looks nice, and for those who actually experienced most of these NES titles you will certainly feel the nostalgia as you play. The nostalgia doesn't stop flowing there however, as each featured game also has its original music playing. It sounds and looks great, and that certainly made the experience feel really smooth.

There are 16 different games from the 8-bit era to sample, and each of them come with numerous different challenges. In the end there are over 200 different challenges to play through, and the high score tracker gives you reason to replay them. One knock I did have was the lack of representation from series such as Kirby and Metroid. Though they were both used in NES Remix 2, it would have felt right to see them in the first game.

Gameplay: Some games were and challenges were more fun than others. As much as I loved Excitebike on the original NES, the moments of fun in this current rendition were few and far between. The controls were a bit clunky and at times they felt unresponsive. This was also very true in Donkey Kong Jr. and Balloon Fight. Sometimes the buttons didn't react properly and that ended in a less than stellar result.

With that said, there were certainly some very enjoyable games as well. Super Mario Bros., the most classic of NES titles, also featured the best challenges. A lot of them were about perfecting the course and after some trial and error you could speed through them. It was definitely fun to feel like you were improving each time you played a level, and beating each course gave the most rewarding feeling of any of the games.

Final: NES Remix is fun in spurts. It's not a game that you could sit around playing all day, but it is certainly worth picking up when you have a few minutes to kill here and there. It has a really nice atmosphere and a few great challenges but it also suffers from occasionally frustrating controls as well as poor game choices.

As far as free downloads go, I certainly could have done worse. But most people would have to pay the full $14.99 price for NES Remix and unfortunately it just doesn't live up to that high price tag. My final result puts NES Remix as a 6.5/10. It's worth playing, but not quite worth paying full price for.