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Review: Mountain Dew Cheetos by Frito Lay

Mountain Dew Cheetos
Self-Lauren Romano

Mountain Dew Cheetos from Frito Lay


Awhile ago, I wrote about how Mountain Dew Cheetos were hitting store shelves in Japan, and I had the opportunity to try them.

When I first popped open the container, I instantly got the scent of Mountain Dew wafting into my nose. It actually does smell like Mountain Dew. Okay, so maybe they wouldn't be bad.

They're much paler than the orange powdered Cheetos you're used to. These are dusted with Mountain Dew flavored powder, so they have a more greenish-white color to them.

I popped a few into my mouth, crunched down, and let the citrus, tangy, sweet taste take over my mouth. At first, you get a tangy kick followed by a sweetness. Then, strangely, once you swallow, you're left with a weird tingly feeling all over the mouth and lips.

First off, they actually do have a Mountain Dew'esque flavor to them. On that note, there's just something wrong with chewing something that tastes like soda you're supposed to be drinking. Lastly, the weird tingly feeling just doesn't do it for me.

If you like Mountain Dew, give them a shot, but these definitely aren't for me.

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