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Review: 'Minecraft' Creeper Backpack explodes with quality, not just a gimmick

The Minecraft Creeper Backpack from ThinkGeek
The Minecraft Creeper Backpack from ThinkGeek
Image via Scott Grill

Minecraft Creeper Backpack


As the school year picks back up, your kids may want or need a new backpack to lug around the books and other stuff. Does ThinkGeek’s Minecraft Creeper backpack measure up to the task? Surprisingly, it’s not just a gimmick licensed item and actually serves the function of a backpack more than admirably.

You’ve bought licensed items before, right? It may be for a favorite sports team, game or movie. The item eventually loses the special branding or just falls apart in some other way.

I’ve put the Minecraft Creeper backpack from ThinkGeek through a real-world test the past three weeks. To put it more accurately, my 9-year old daughter has been the one putting it through the test by using it to carry her school stuff on the bus and at school.

The first thing we noticed with the Minecraft backpack is that it has plenty of storage space. The front zipper reveals a compartment for pencils, notecards and other small items. The middle zipper is large enough for books and folder. Then there’s a rear zipper that opens up an even larger area big enough to hold a 15-inch laptop. Our 17-inch laptop wouldn’t fit, but our 15-inch laptop fit comfortably.

The backpack comes with more than enough padding to protect the contents and make carrying comfortable. There are two padded runners running down the backside that help with comfort. Meanwhile, the straps are extra wide and include padding along the sides of the straps. This was the one area that my daughter had some comfort issues.

The straps are so wide that they are a little too big for her shoulders and the side padding scratches her neck. She’s above average in height for her age, but also skinny too. Comfort for you or your child may vary.

The Minecraft Creeper backpack is sturdy though. After three weeks of heavy use in and around school, I haven’t been able to find a fray, scratch or tear. It measures up handily to name brand backpacks from JanSport, North Face and others. It’s definitely taken the wear and tear of normal use better than some of the character backpacks we’ve purchased in the past for both of our schools.

There’s also the cool factor to consider with the Creeper backpack and Minecraft is still cool. My daughter and her friend were excited when I revealed her new backpack. It’s also been well-received with the other kids at school since it stands out.

Availability is the one true downside with the ThinkGeek Minecraft Creeper backpack. I could not get a hold of it last year when my kids went to school and it’s difficult to get a hold of even now. That’s an example of the backpack’s popularity during the start of a new school year though.

If you have a child that is a Minecraft fan and they need a backpack, you won’t go wrong with the Creeper backpack from ThinkGeek. It’s just as functional and sturdy, if not more, than school backpacks you’d pick up at retailers at a similar price.


  • Plenty of room for storage
  • Well constructed
  • Holds up as good or better than other backpacks
  • It’s a Minecraft Creeper!


  • Straps are a little too wide for small shoulders
  • Availability
  • Doesn’t hiss and explode (okay, that might be a plus)

Item: Minecraft Creeper Backpack
Retailer: ThinkGeek
Price: $39.99

A Minecraft Creeper backpack was provided by ThinkGeek for the purposes of this review.

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