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Review - “Maleficent” - stunning movie giving another look to Disney classic



In this movie, we get a different look at the classic Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty. Instead of having Aurora as the center, we follow Maleficent as we get to learn what made her so angry and why she cast that curse on Aurora.

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"Maleficent" will wow you at the theaters

After Maleficent gets her heartbroken, she goes on a road for vengeance and she quickly sees that maybe she went down the wrong path for the wrong reasons. She has to learn that lesson that we all learn and that is to think things through and not let our emotions cloud our judgment.

Angelina Jolie is certainly the star of the movie as she able to humanize a villain who we all thought had no human side. We see that there is a reason that she wanted to curse Aurora and it’s not just because she’s evil. While she is the most powerful fairy there was, she just wanted the same thing that we all want. To be loved by someone.

While the story is a little on the predictable side, it’s still an fun story to watch anyways. There is a twist in regards to Maleficent and Aurora’s relationship and certainly offers another look at the story. We have always seen her as a villain (and she is one of people’s favorite villains) but it’s fun to watch a different side of her story and really make her more human and relatable. We get to see the little things that have made her special (like her best crow friend, her horns, and the dragon) and you can’t help but smile as you remember watching the cartoon version of the story when you were younger.

The special effects were beautiful and the fighting/action sequences were superb. There is a lot of use of color and imagery and really showed a beautiful world that Maleficent was born into. The only hiccup was at the end of the movie when it’s obvious that Aurora and Maleficent are in front of a green screen.

It’s a great movie to take your kids to and you are sure to enjoy it along side of them. If you really enjoyed the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty then you are sure to enjoy this movie as well.

Maleficent stars Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley, and Sam Riley and is rated PG-13.

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