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REVIEW: Let's Be Cops

Let's Be Cops


I love all things related to catching bad guys, twisted suspense, and lots of humor, bang-bang action and fun times. All of this and more is what I found after attending the screening of the upcoming movie, Let’s Be Cops. I had a chance to invite a group of Chicago Police Officers for a night out and they thoroughly enjoyed the film. The movie stars Jake Johnson, Rob Riggler and Damon Wayans, Jr, who are all great actors and hilarious on and off the screen. Jake Johnson (Ryan) and Damon Wayans, Jr (Justin) are best friends in the movie and dread where they are in life as they approach the big 30. Johnson is a “has been” football player who spends his days teaching football to kids who don’t respect him, and Wayans, Jr. designs video games and keeps getting his ideas over-shadowed by a bully boss. After attending what they thought was a regular costume party and wearing police uniforms, they soon discover that the uniforms bring more attention than they realized. Off they go on the journey of playing cops, catching bad guys, getting girls and finding themselves, and what their friendship means along the way. “We are actually friends on and off screen so it was a natural to play best friends on the camera,” noted actor Jake Johnson. After being attached to the famous Wayans name, Damon Wayans Jr noted, “I have great talent and it was good to connect with my friend to showcase what I enjoy doing”.

Chicago Police Officers
Chicago Police OfficersDawgelene Sangster
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Marine Veteran Rob Riggler plays the “real” cop in the movie that interacts with Johnson and Wayans Jr because he thinks they are actual cops. “ It was great to play the cop role and besides, I enjoy working with these guys,” noted Riggler. One of the surprises of the movie was seeing another great actor, Andy Garcia, with his “bad cop” role in the file. He is such a great actor! I think this is a funny film and would see it again. Although I will note that impersonating a police officer is ILLEGAL and carries serious jail time. This movie will hit theaters August 13th and I would recommend seeing it for great humor and life lessons. #LetsBeCops