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Review: Lakeshore Learning “Pet Vet Center”

Lakeshore Learning “Pet Vet Center”


Lakeshore Learning is a company that is renowned for the unique and educational toys it offers. One of the most popular items that Lakeshore has to offer is the “Pet Vet Center,” a 20 piece toy set that includes everything a child needs to imagine themselves in the role of a veterinarian.

The box.
The box.
Meagan J. Meehan
The "Pet Vet Center" is a great way to promote children's interest in becoming vets.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Although a vivid imagination is the key ingredient to role playing games, the Pet Vet Center provides many tools to enhance creative play. The set includes:

• 1 poseable puppy dog plush toy
• 1 durable soft plastic band aid
• 4 puppy x-rays
• 1 grooming brush
• 4 animal ID cards
• 1 large cotton ball container (cotton balls not included)
• 1 small swab container
• 4 “Well Visit Check List” cards
• 2 prescription bottles (Note: All bottles come with sticker labels)
• 1 stethoscope

The Pet Vet Center can be used to “treat” any stuffed animal or toy. The plush dog is very soft and its legs are poseable which makes it easier for a child to examine it. The bottles and containers look like those used by real vets even though cotton balls and Q-tips must be provided by parents since none are included in the set. The plastic band aid fits around the plush puppy’s legs and is easily and tightly fastened by Velcro. The brush is well made and could even be used to brush a real pet. Yet the most impressive thing about the Pet Vet center is the stethoscope. This item is so well made that it is nearly professional quality. In fact, it is possible to hear your own heartbeat though it!

The x-ray cards, although drawn in cartoon style, accurately illustrate what the bones in a dog’s body look like. The “Well Visit Checklists” remind children to check all parts of the animal for wellness (examples include eyes, nose, ears and tongue). The four animal ID cards provide children with clear visuals of each body part of four different animals: a dog, a cat, a rabbit and a parrot.

All the pieces in the set are child safe and nothing is small enough to be a choking hazard. These items are also well made and durable enough to last many years.

The Pet Vet Center is recommended for ages 3+ and sells for $29.99. It is well packaged and can be easily used with other stuffed toys (for example, adding the tools from another doctor’s kit will increase game play options). This toy is perfect for any child who likes playing doctor or shows interest in becoming a vet.

The product can be viewed here:

I give it 5/5 stars and highly recommend it.

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