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REVIEW: Lady Gaga's "Born this way ball" by Joe Sioufi

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Born this way ball by Lady Gaga


Review article by Joe Sioufi: As we all know by now, Lady Gaga "Born this way ball" had rocked Houston moving on to another city. I went to the show and was super close to the stage, took lots of video clips & pictures of Lady Gaga, blew her some kisses in the air and she smiled back at me, and I felt happy!
I am a big Madonna fan but I wanted to see Lady Gaga show and have her lucky star shine upon me cause I needed some.

She rocked Houston, and kept saying Texas & Houston all along her performance, rarely I see singers keep mentioning the city more than once or twice. Lady Gaga was at her bad best, all awake and sober, perfectly in control of her stage, singing with her powerful voice and changed outfits almost to every song. Talking about looks & outfits this tour they looked better than before, more sophisticated, from spacy, Gothic style to more groovy stylish one.

She danced to most of her songs, not to all of them, and her dancers were shining. The stage background (castle) did bring a Gothic touch and she succeeded to bring the show from a spacy Goth style to as feminine as she can get. Her voice, I mainly went to see her perform live with her beautiful strong voice. Lady Gaga was very close to her fans, she made us all feel very close to her. Madonna's image as a Diva, Super star, that she created back in the 90ties, the old fashion way to be famous and a star "you can not touch me, you can not look me in the eyes, you can not be close to me etc..." Gaga's approach to fame is way different than Madonna's one, I guess it is because of the age difference, back than there was no internet, no facebook or twitter etc...the fans waited for the new album to get close to the favorite singer, bought magazines to see the new look of their idol, bought a documentary to be able to feel close to the star etc...Madonna did control her image and her reincarnations/reinventions (looks & music styles) through her 30 years of her music career made her the legend she is today.

Lady Gaga is not Madonna and she will never be, but she is Lady Gaga, why people say she tries to copy the Queen of Pop & the dance floor Madonna? She had some inspirations in her show from Madonna moves and settings, but hey Madonna got inspired by 1000 artists (Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Betty Davis etc...) as well before Gaga existed. I get inspired by lots of art masters as Monet, Tamara de Limpicka, Van Gogh, Madonna etc...but at the end of the road to each his style.

The stage miss the 3D dimension with big screens and video projections. The 2 screens on both sides of the stage were not big enough to cover the beauty of her performance. The castle was way too flat compared to Gaga's futuristic style. As for Gaga's dance movements, she needs to put more structure in her moves, compared to other performers (Madonna) with strong body and muscular shapes, Gaga's moves were not solid. Her musicians looked way too weird and I think she hired them like this on purpose to fit the Goth punk style.

Thank you Gaga for the show! Inspiration is what I needed from all this....and I got it!

Yes I liked "Born this way ball" and you must see it. Lady Gaga is a great artist and we must all give her the chance to shine more and more and respect her as an artist. Her originality by itself and her strong will should be a great inspiration to millions on this earth.

Joe Sioufi