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Review: L’Oreal Paris Preference Mousse Absolue is absolutely epic and reusable

L’Oreal Paris Preferenc e Mousse Absolue


If you color your hair, and who among us doesn’t, you really need to get L’Oreal Paris Preferenc e Mousse Absolue. Why? Simply because this unique DIY home coloring product is the perfect substitute for having to run, and pay for, trips to the salon. It’s pretty much an in-between treatment but get this, it’s reusable! Unheard of right, you always have to throw out the formula, but with this product you can touch up your hair twice or even three times with the one product.

This hair can be yours with one easy L'Oreal application
L'Oreal Paris

When dark roots began to rear their ugly head I reached for the product. I was skeptical, however, that it would do the trick. The procedure’s a snap. Unlike other colorings you don’t even have to mix the formula, it’s all done, you just shake and apply (after putting on the black gloves that come in the box).

So you part your hair and after shaking the bottle vigorously, you apply the mousse and massage it in really well and let it set for a half hour. Then you rinse and add the special conditioner provided and voila you hair looks like you just stepped from the salon, shiny and silky and color gorgeous.

It’s supposed to last six weeks but I just did mine last week so can’t confirm this yet. And I have more formula for the next time dark roots show or perhaps a little gray sneaks in. You can order online, too and choose your color right here. And guess what, it costs just $14.99 and that's for at least two applications.