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Review: KIND all natural gluten-free snack bars

KIND all natural gluten-free snack bars
KIND all natural gluten-free snack barsbing images

KIND gluten free bars


The KIND company's philosophy is that you should eat food that you can see and pronounce.

Their snack bars are made from nothing artificial, no preservatives, no secret ingredients, only all-natural 100% whole grains, nuts and fruits and real ingredients such as almonds, pumpkin seeds and honey. Each snack bar is packed with fiber, antioxidants and protein and are delicious, chewy and satisfying. No let down here. Just a healthy snack that delivers what it promises, with no bad taste afterwards like other all-natural snacks.

In a comparison with other snack bars that may have three flavors to choose from KIND bars come in a variety of choices, 22 choices in total such as: almond and coconut, almond and apricot, caramel almond and sea salt, peanut butter dark chocolate, maple glazed pecan and sea salt, cashew and ginger spice.

The KIND company also believes in giving back and encourages random acts of kindness, which they have proudly named the KIND movement.

For more information about KIND healthy snacks visit their inspirational website: and be KIND to your body!