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Review: Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon, a product with an identity crisis

A bottle of Midnight Moon "moonshine."

Junior Johnson's Midnight Moon "moonshine"


Today we'll be examining another entry in the growing trend of "moonshines" on the market by Midnight Moon. You may remember my previous reviews of their strawberry and apple pie flavored products. This one is of the unflavored variant. By this point, I'm certain I don't need to explain what moonshine is to any of my readers. That said, we'll proceed directly into the review.


I'm honestly a bit disappointed here. Although I knew this was the base of the flavored products and is the formula of a family that were actual moonshine runners, moonshine this is not. You'll probably remember that I explained in the previous two product reviews that Midnight Moon distills their spirit more like a vodka than a corn whiskey. I had no idea to what degree that held true until I tried this. The nose smells exactly like that of a standard vodka on the market. There is nothing at all that screams this is a traditional sugar or corn based moonshine as someone buying it for that reason should expect. There was a faint hint of corn in the nose, but that was it.

The flavor is similar as well. There is a faint base note of corn ethanol, but again I have to point out, moonshine this is not. In the interest of being fair, if this was marketed as vodka, I would have given it a much higher review as it tastes clean and smooth. Unfortunately, it is not being marketed as such, and as moonshine it falls flat on its face. I hope Junior Johnson's marketing department reads this article and comes to the realization that it is disingenuous to sell something that is clearly one thing as another completely different thing. I picked up a 750 ML bottle at Spec's Wine, Spirits, and Finer Foods here in Houston for 16.83. Whether you do should be dependent on what your expectations of it are. Don't buy this if you are expecting corn whiskey, that's for certain.

Rating: 1 out of 5

Suggested Tasting Method: As replacement for vodka in any vodka cocktail or chilled neat.


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