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Review: Jack Daniel's Unaged Distiller's Run Tennessee Rye

Bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Unaged Rye.

Jack Daniel's Unaged Tennessee Rye


Today we'll be examining a product that is a true collector's item, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye, the first new grain mash the famed Jack Daniel's distillery has made since prior to Prohibition. The mash bill was developed by Jeff Arnett and is being sold as a very limited run unaged product. After this batch is sold, it will never be done again as to allow the rest of the run to be barrel aged and sold at a later date.

For the history of Jack Daniel or his distillery, go here:


This product has a bit more subdued nose than some of the other unaged spirits on the market in this category. In some ways, its untamed wild grain character reminds me quite a bit of another spirit I reviewed, Buffalo Trace White Dog. However, as it has been cut down to 80 proof, some of the heat has been mitigated. Notes of white pepper, oatmeal, ripened banana peel, and rye are present in the nose. The flavor begins with the rye, moves towards a heavy hit of banana bread and roasted corn, and finishes with marshmallow. It should also be noted that this spirit is surprisingly smooth considering the lack of age.

I urge my readers who enjoy all things whiskey to go out and buy a bottle of this before it is all gone. The price is a bit steep, this I understand, but this is a historic product that will not be seen again on the market. I picked my bottle up for just a hair over 40 dollars from the Spec's location in downtown Houston. I have found it in a few other locations in Houston as well.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Suggested Tasting Method: Neat


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