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Review: It Works! Global Body Wrap, Facial and Hair, Skin and Nail Supplements

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lt Works! Global Body Wraps, Facials and Hair, Skin and Nail Supplements


I had heard about It Works! Global on Linkedin and other social media outlets and was intrigued by this “crazy wrap thing” that tightens, tones and firms the skin in as little as 45 minutes. A few days after my interest was piqued a distributor stopped at my office to give us some coupons. As with all direct-selling products, you’re encouraged to host a wrap party with 4-5 friends and get wrapped for free so I agreed to a party within the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, I bought a bottle of the Hair, Skin and Nail supplements as I was really excited to try them after reading the reviews online. My hair did become softer and more manageable and I noticed my skin was actually getting better at the same time! I could not wait to try the wraps and was not disappointed. At the party, I also tried the Facial and as recommended, I took before and after photos. You can see for yourself the incredible results. In addition to the botanical ingredients used, the wraps and facials smell fantastic (think spa) and I look forward to my weekly routine with them.

As with any product, it usually takes some convincing to get me to believe but I am really impressed with everything I have tried with It Works! Global to date. The body wraps do tighten, tone and firm the skin and work for 72 hours after application so you can only use them every 4 days. I recommend once a week so the box of 4 lasts a full month. I am doing them every Sunday along with the facials. The cleanser and toner are on their way to me as I am writing this and will post more reviews as I try more products, so stay tuned.

So, how do you use the wraps?

1. Unfold the wrap on a towel.
2. Apply the wrap anywhere you wish below the neck and secure the wrap in place with saran wrap or the Fab Wrap available from It Works! Global.
3. Drink lots of water while the wrap is on.
4. Do not exercise while the wrap is on.
5. For the first wrap, do not leave on for more than 45 minutes to test your skin’s reaction to the wrap’s ingredients. After that, you can leave on up to 8 hours.
6. Take before and after pictures.

I have read many reviews saying they do not see results after the first wrap, or you’re committed to using them all the time. I did not experience totally awesome results after one wrap, but as you can see with the pictures, after two wraps, I did see a very significant change. As with anything, continued use will give you optimal results. You cannot diet one day and expect to lose weight or go to the gym once and expect a toned body. Of course, the wraps work best when combined with a healthy diet, exercise and consistent use.

It Works! Global offers many great products for total health and wellness. From skincare (no parabens) to their infamous “Greens on the Go” powders and single-serve packets, the entire line is geared towards great products that really work. For more details, please visit:

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