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Review: Into the Storm

Look at that tornado, woah.
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Into the Storm, (film)


Into The Storm was one of those movies you watch and enjoy because it could be worse. You don’t necessarily want to buy it or ever see it again, but you’re glad you witnessed a found film style wannabe with flame tornadoes and awkward teenage relationships. Despite having some actors whose faces we gratefully recognize such as Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan, Peter Pan), Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori, The Walking Dead) and Richard Armitage (Thorin, The Hobbit) – the overall movie was lacking.

Don’t get me wrong - monster tornadoes create some intense moments. The movie didn’t necessarily lack intensity, but it did lack storyline and character development. The plot was straightforward from the start: storm chasers need a storm to chase or they’re out of a job. And on the flip side you’ve got a dad and his two sons with dysfunctional relationships who are just trying to get through graduation (I wonder if the terrors of the storm will bring them together?). So yeah, it’s predictable.

BEST CHARACTERS: Trey (Nathan Kress), Donk (Kyle Davis) and Reevis (Jon Reep). The younger brother who made us laugh with his sarcastic wit and the two hillbillies who prompted my sister and I to repeatedly look at each other and say, “Boy’s are so dumb….” while shaking our heads in amusement. Why? Because there are two people out there who would probably actually act like Donk and Reevis and I’m pretty sure I know them!

Honestly though, for seven dollars and an empty theater at 10 PM on a Thursday night, this movie rocked. However, I will say if you want to see a tornado movie – just go buy Twister.